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Full Version: bought subscription but a few months ago
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And I still haven't been activated for it send the code no subscriber badge yet ??
You "subscribed" few months ago and you've registered on 27th of November (not even a month ago)...Lie much?
Unless he is exaggerating.
Ok then what is your code that you were sent? Hmmm....thats what I thought....LIES!!! Pay like the rest of us had to. Or you could be one of those bitches that downloads them for free from other sites.
wow since I lied here is the recept.. I'd screen shot my full address but I don't want any stalkers..
[Image: 6fa455ca1a4c90741f96adda0ab06256.png] don't assume based off post.. you should really ask before you assume thats just rude
PM labrocca i guess.
(Dec 22, 2010, 01:27 PM)The last Russian Wrote: [ -> ]PM labrocca i guess.
did that .. thanks for the reply though..

I did today too but i still haven't gotten mine.