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Full Version: GooGle SEO not working
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Hello Friends,
I'am very glad to find this site and the mods uploaded here.
I'm a newbie as a site admin.
I wanted to add Google SEO to my Forum, but i ended up in a bad condition.
I cant access my AdminCP properly.
I require your Help Urgently.
However i followed a tutorial video on anonymous site to uploaded that plugin
and it ended up into an error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function my_strpos() in /home/koolfool/public_html/forum/inc/class_error.php on line 204
Please Help me I cant access my Admincp properly.
Even I failed to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
when i used to do used to disappear.
I tried by uploading the default htacess file, but the error didnt get solved.
Please Help Sad