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Full Version: Life-changing words
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"From that place, that time on," Goss said Mr. Taylor, "I began to worry. d&g sunglasses was a happy mechanic, but the class leader, for me, but it is a disaster. Upon the weight of my responsibility breathe. anxiety bothered me all the time, whether I was asleep or awake; also whether I was at home, or in the factory.
"Later, I was most afraid of what finally happened --- a big accident. That day, I walked toward the gravel pit, it should have four sets of four large tractor driven machine at work scraping cut. But very strange the surrounding quiet. soon I see four giant tractor all broken!
"If I used to worry about what else to do, and that moment ratio, not the whole thing. d&g handbags seem to boil the head, but also to direct bubbling Gulp. I find the manager, tell him the bad news that four Taiwan tractor all broken. I finished in one breath, waiting for the sky is falling.
"But to my surprise, did not fall day. Managers turned a smile on his face, looked at me and said three words. If I could live a thousand years old, I will not forget these three words . They are: 'fix it!' story

"At that place, that moment, all my worries, fear, worry all the disappeared, the world has returned the old way. d&g outlet went out, grabbed the tool and start it a few tractor repair.
"Fix it, how the magic words, ah, it marks a turning point in my life, it changed my mind on work. From that day on, every day I silently thank the manager, he made me not only are enthusiastic and have a more firm confidence, I know, what if one day mess up, I will personally put them straightened out, and not worry about where the blind. "
It is because of the extraordinary sense of the manager, G · Goss, Mr. Taylor understood, mature personality requires us to have the capacity to act: to make a decision and implement it.
Live words are the words of encouragement and dis encouragement that touches the lives of so many people in ways we often will never know. many Individuals comes into our life for a brief moment and leave us forever changed.The same is the case with few precious words.


That is quite good, and thanks for the sharing..
"Cowards die many time before death,valiant never dies but once" is a great saying by Shakespeare.
These words has changed my entire life. Now I face hardships of life with bravery.