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Full Version: Complaint: Do not upgrade your account.
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It has been a few months since I bought my upgrade and still, none of the plug ins have been upgraded. At the very lease make them available to download as is.

We got alot of the plugins working on our site.. no issues there are some 1.6 plugins as well
Most of them work without any problem
Many of the 1.4 Plugins work for 1.6.
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But yeah. It is weird how no new plugin has been developed in a while.
I have to agree with you a little there. Labrocca did say that he would be done by the end of September, and now it's almost Januari. C'mon.
I kinda regret that I've subscribed. I thought that at least one plugin will be released after few months (or some updated), but nothing. Really disappointed.
I think Labrocca has kinda accepted that we know that most of them work with 1.6 if we just change the compatability inside the plugin.
Its one of the small things that you never seem to get round to.

Im sure it will be done sometime.

Onmi does not need to upgrade them to 1.6.x as said lol
i can't wait to download the mods lol just subbed
Sorry, I should rephrase then. When I subscribed it was after MyBB 1.6 was released. Meaning that I still have not had the opportunity to download any plugins.
MyAwards works for me, though the Tabbed Menu plugin doesn't.

People have told me they have gotten it to work, but they haven't told me how.

I add three tabs. The first tab shows, but the statistics and everything below disappears. The second and third tab don't show anything.
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