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Full Version: Making Mybb1.6 invite only?
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I tried a plug-in on MyBB's site & didn't work, I cannot seem to be able to find a tutorial either.

Can anyone help me, thank you.

Well you can make it so that only the admins can approve the registrations.

AdminCP > Config > User Registration and Profile Options > Registration Method > Administator Activation.

Although i wouldnt advise this until your member count is high.
I'd much prefer like a "ref" code system. Smile Thanks though.

Can you give us the link to the plugin that isn't working
I think that is this plugin:
Ok thanks, I shall experiment and see if I can get it working for you.
Ok that plugin is buggered Tongue

Too much of a mess to sort out, cand find some tables or something.

For anyone who interested:
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
    1146 - Table '########_mybb.mybb_mybb_settinggroups' doesn't exist
    INSERT INTO mybb_mybb_settinggroups (`gid`,`name`,`title`,`description`,`disporder`,`isdefault`) VALUES ('NULL','inviteonly','Invitation Only','Settings For The invitatation only Plugin','1','no')
yeah i know i want that plugin and its giving me that error.