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Full Version: Minimum Posts Required To View
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I think I asked you before, but I need a plugin so I can add a minimum amount of posts needed to view specific forums, and the option of adding group ID's that are excluded from it. This would help me greatly, and I would really appreciate. It plays a pretty big role in my forums. Tongue Maybe I could do something graphic related for you sometime if you'd like. Big Grin
Already exists....check for it.
yeah i agree
I agree to. Very Nice Idea.
yeah it exist... Tongue
It may exist, but I couldn't get it to work! Sad
hmm..what doesn't work about it? I passed on making one because I was under the impression the current mod worked.
Well, apparently it works for some, but I activated it and my test member could still see the restricted forum. *shrug*
Is it still on mods. ... ? Cause it doesn't appear in the searchresults when you type "minimum" as keyword =P