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Full Version: FAO: Labrocaa - Small problem on MyBBCentral
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Found this that you may want to look at.


Not sure why its putting the V there, but im sure you'll figure it out.

Have fun.
I thought too it was a problem, but I realized that it has a function and it comes by default in MyBB 1.6.x. When you click on it, it will drop a pages menu.
The problem is that there shouldn't be a V but an image, but labrocca didn't upload it.
Ahh lol, Maybe I should of clicked it to see what it does
I just now upgraded too,I also got,how to remove it? Well by clicking it,the number of pages of the thread drop down menu comes which is useless,how to remove it? :S
I think you'll have no problem to remove it from the template panel edition. I don't really know 'cause I'm still with my 1.4 version of MyBB.
It's because he's using a 1.4 theme. He'll have to add that image into the directory to make it work right. I recently upgraded my site's theme from 1.4 to 1.6 and noticed it worked fine after that.
so what to do to fix and remove that? I really can't get it,it looks bad even if it has image,i just wanna remove it,hackforums also upgraded,but I can't find this thing there,any ideas?
I dont think you can.

You can delete the whole thing but I dont think you can just delete the arrow. Play with the nav template see what happens.


Well after some experimenting, {$activebit} are to do with the Thread Name.
{$nav} Will delete everything but the images. So if you really want rid of it that much, then just delete everything in the nav template. (Making sure you back it up all first!)

Example Diagram (Click to View)
so deleting the nav will remove this arrow thingy? :S
No, I dont think theres a way to jut remove the arrow.

All you can do is get rid of all of the Navigation bit.
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