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CyberTechForums is a Gaming, Computing, Technology & Coding comunity. Founded by me, BleepyEvans in July 2010. We have a small 500+ member forum, consisting of over 9,500 posts and almost 1500 threads.

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What we offer

Coding Catergory
Our popular C and coding forums attract many users and allow them to show off their latest releases, aswell as show tutorials on how to make great applications.

Computing Catergory
Our computing section is full of tutorials and information for all operating systems, mainly how to keep your system running clean and smoothly, but we also have web developement tutorials which allow you to create fantasic looking websites.

Technology Catergory
Our technology section is where members can chat about the old and the new, the latest releases or just technology you will never forget.
Thoughout the forum we have our review sections where members and staff review products to making sure you know everything there is to know about a game, some tech etc.

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Our Attractions

Points System
Our points system allows you to earn points depending on what you do on the forum, whether thats posting or just voting in a poll. These points can then be spent on real life products and services in our very own shop and more. You can also play the lottery and win even more just by simply buying a ticket!

Monthly Contests
At CyberTechForums we have monthly contests. These contests range from simple questionaires to actually creating something for the forum. Prizes range from upgrade and points to web hosting and real cash!

CTF Subscriptions
Our Professional and Specialist Status are available for just $4 a year. The CTF Professional group is a sign that you are a professional at what you do. It gives you access to hidden sections on the forum, aswell as the respect a true professional should get. Not only can you access hidden sections, you also recieve more permissons meaning your not limited to what you can and cant do on the forum.

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To Visit the Forum, click here

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Way to many sections ...
Way to many Tabs
lol ok, ive just done some spring cleaning, what do you think now.
Any more suggestions?
10x Better than Before..
Hehe, cheers.

Any more ideas?
Ive updated this thread aswell as the forum.

Dont forget to check it out:

February 2012 Contest

Win free legitimate softwate, collectively worth over $235, in our referal contest here.
Just refer 5 members and the software is yours to keep.

License keys expire on March 25th 2012 so get refering!

Let me know if you have any questions
site looks great and has alot of useful information
Thank you for that Big Grin
Nice forum ill try and subscribe in a bit Smile