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Full Version: greetings to mybbcentral
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Hello, just revamped my forum -

It's a Charice forum (a Pop singer)... relatively active and we get decent traffic in terms of its other competing fansites Big Grin

Been a subscriber here for several months now, thank you Labrocca for your superb plugins, it's well worth every penny!

Any tips/feedback on further site improvement are welcome Smile

Im not sure if you want to, as it kinda of ties into everything, but perhaps you want the change the down tabbes background from standard, and make your own?

Otherwise looks nice
@CyberTechForums - thanks for the suggestion, I was also thinking the tab menu could use a little edit Smile

here's new look->

Also finally able to get Topic Header and Sidebox plugin to work together, I thought it was not doable. Big Grin
Looks good