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Full Version: Fighting spam
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I'm getting more and more spam on my forum.

People using softwares to register and post messages with lots of links to their weird sites.

I was wondering if there was a plugin that would let me set a minimum requirement of posts before a registered user could use the "url" command?

This exists for the signature, my members need at least 50 posts before being able to have a visible signature but I haven't found anything for the urls embeded in the posts.

Do you know a plugin that would allow me to do this?

Or is there a programmer who could do this (I could pay)


Make sure you use Email Verification, and make sure you have Captcha set up on registration.
Thank you for the recommendation, I already have both and I also use a proxy killer plugin.

But those spammers manage to get through. If it was impossible for a new member to post a message containing links it would stop all the spamming I have on my board. This feature would be very helpful.

Make sure that the group "Awating Activation" have no rights to post, create threads etc.
Thanks again.

I just checked and they don't have those rights.

I have seen the URL of my forum shared in lists of high PR forums, it doesn't help :-/

That sucks, atleast your getting some sort of traffic, my forum has only 3 active members but over 3000 Posts xD
Wow! they are super active members lol Smile
I know, its a shame really. I think I could have a good forum going if some people stayed on Tongue
I did this thanks Smile