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Full Version: Hot Words 1.0
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Its not a rar folder. But yes its empty.

Now fixed Big Grin
Loving the plugin thanks.
That will be usefull ! Thanks alot ,
This does not work for me. For some reason when using it, it does not allow users to post "." no matter what.

I also do not have "." as a hot word. :/
This saves my forum from unwanted words cool thanks labrocca !
I wish this worked. All this honestly does for me is makes new members not be able to post anything that has a "." in it. I have tried everything to fix it but nothing works. I don't even have a "." in the hot words box, so where its picking up the whole period thing is a very big mystery to me.
Ill have a look for you Philly.
Seems to work for me Philly:
Great, spam bots can be a real PITA! Especially when it's not a bot but a real person advertising their unrelated crap on a forum! This should definately do the trick! Thanks for a great MyBB spam killing plugin!
Thanks for the great plugin!
this is very useful. I use it so people dont post my bleeping dox every 5 minutes [i have a few butthurt enemies]
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