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Full Version: what part of my template should I edit
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what part of my template should I fix to correct this kind of disarrangement

[Image: bc0230.png]

the SPAM word and FACEBOOK button are a plug-ins.
hmm,if its not that big trouble,can you try deactivating and reactivating the plugin? :S
Nope, I want that Plug-in maybe they were conflicting with the that areas that's why they are crowded.. I can edit it via html but I don't know which part of my template I should touch.
please can you paste here the whole 1024X768 px screenshot so I can see exactly which area the plugin is and what maybe affecting it
wew.. As of my experimenting , I've touch the postbit part.. and here's what I got.
[Image: 5511d0.png]

the facebook button is not that align and the spam word is not displaying thesame with the others.
can you try removing the add after post thingy? I doubt it maybe the trouble that is causing this,also can you paste your POSTBIT template here of your current theme?
i can not see the image.