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Full Version: Strange MyAwards Error
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Im posting this on behalf of Volenar, as ive spent a few hours trying to sort this very strange error out.

Firstly I was given an admin account on his forum but immediatly after getting admin, i couldnt access the Awards menu. It told me I didnt have permission to access this menu, but after checking my permissions, in the User & Groups menu, I had all of them.

I then asked if I could have the Super Admin account details. Using this account I could access the Awards menu, but when trying to Add a new award I got the error shown in the attachment. I also reinstalled the forums but the problem remained.

Can someone help him out, its getting fustrating because Ive never seen an error like it?

All ChMod settings appear to be correct.

The permissions work fine for me, are you absolutely sure you're in the right place??

ACP > Users & Group > Admin Permissions. Click the name of the admin who can't access it. Press the Users & Groups tab; not the one along the very top of the page, the one under the 'Edit Permissions' tab. Scroll down. Find 'Can Manage Awards?', set it to Yes, save. Then they'll be able to access it. I've just done this on my localhost, it works just fine. I set it to No, they couldn't access it, set it to Yes, they could.
Yep, i can give you admin permisions if you want Matt.
I didnt see the tabs along the top and that does let other admins access the menu, but I still get the error in the attachment, and still cant create a new award.
CHMOD 777 the uploads/awards folder
I was positive I changed it, but ill check again.
You need the main admin account(Registered when first setting up MyBB)
yeah,I have same suggestion as labrocca,it happened to one of my friend too,CHMOD awards to 777 and it should work fine I guess
Yer I had actually changed it, but re-uploaded the awards folder without testing it, and it re-writed it back to 766 or whatever.

Its fixed now, thanks.
Glad to see that dude Smile
Its strange because I've never had to change CHMOD settings on my own forums xD