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Full Version: How do i buy the plugin>>
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Hi i am new to mybb and someone told me i had to pay 10$ to have the tabs plugin sooo i was wondering where i make the payment and all?
awwww man this sucks i tried paying by prepaid card and it won't allow me because be default all American express should have 4 digits not 3 so instead of processing the order by default it says i need 4 digits although my prepaid card did work for some things such as hosting etc...

here how it looks like

142 <------ cuz of this arhhhhh.....
PM Labrocca directly and see if he will accept payments from American Express.

BTW I wouldnt put even segments of your credit card online Tongue
mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i dont have the option to Dl them yet either, this sucks =[
If you dont get upgraded by tomorrow, PM Labrocca.