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Full Version: Is this possible?
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To host a forum on two different servers that are not connected. Something like if server 1 goes down server 2 takes over and starts hosting the forum with the exact same data as the first one. So i would need a way to sync everything and something to check the uptime of server 1.
So i guess its not possible then?
Yes this is possible
How do you do it?
Im not quite sure, you may want to ask your host about this because it will cost afair amount, and some hosts wont have this feature.

Also there would be a slight delay for swtiching servers.
No i own one server and my friend owns the other. Is this a software solution or do i need hardware for this?
Oh then because your both hosting yourself I doubt it, unless someone could name the software.

Ill ask my host later one Big Grin
Deals with DNS, Etc.. Long process this is something you need to google because none us on here can easily explain it. But yes, it is possible.
So what we would need to do would be to
1. set up a pinging/uptime tracker
2. set up way to sync the DB
3. Set up a way to move the domains between the server.
Idk, google does just google it man asking on here is as pointless as calling the president, they will never answer.
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