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Full Version: [Release] DarkFlake
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DarkFlake Theme v1.0

MyBB Themes Team Creation
By: FirefoxWiz

Theme Design Group: MyBBThemes Team

English button set by ZoOorO

Details / Summary:
DarkFlake is a dark wintery type theme with snowflakes in the background.

Installation Instructions:
1. Upload the included images to your ./images directory

2. In the Admin CP import the included theme XML file

3. View it in your User CP

4. Now have fun with your forum!

Download License
You may not remove or change the MyBB copyright nor the Designed by MyBBThemes statements in the footer of this theme's templates.
You may release a modified version of this theme under your name, as long as you give me credit for the original theme. You may also redistribute this theme, unmodified or modified, as long as you give me credit. You may also make your own theme from this, and remove my copyright as long as your modified theme does not resemble mine.
a nice winter theme
can use this for like christmas
it would suit the occasion