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Full Version: dissapointed
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From the looks of it from an outsider not being able to download anything it seemed reasonable to pay $10.00 just for one mod i've had my eye on. MYPS Slots, so i payed to just get that basically. Come to find out its not compatible what so ever with 1.6, sure i should have read a bit more but you would think mods are being kept up some what for $10.00.

Were loyal, and pay cant you be a little loyal to us? I'm sure your busy as all hell, like alot of us. But i dont really see a lot of mods on this site..

I'm not dissatisfied or would want my money, because it is what it is. I just hope some releases will happen. Just a bit disappointed.. oh well.
Alot of 1.4 plugins are compatable with 1.6, but like you said the more complex ones won't be like MYPS. I suggest you try out New Points. Its free and is very simple and user friendly.

Tbh, my forum would suck if I didn't invest into a suscription at MyBBCentral, tabbed menu, awards, ficons, sideboxes, meta tags, and a bunch of other plugins.

Yes, but ive noticed there are other sites, that offer some of these exclusive mod's for FREE! So i payed to look at old dead, 1.2, 1.4, mods. I'm not worried about tabbed menus, i can get awards on almost every mybb site.

This site has nothing to offer IMO, and should be FREE and all subscribers should be refurbished.
Please can you list the sites that give the exclusive mods for free please.

Labrocca will most likely want to DMCA these sites.
Google some of the mods on here you will find them, only one i couldn't find was Slots and thats why i signed up for membership. It's not like i was out there trying to get around paying for this site, but i managed to just stumble upon most of these mods on this site.
MyPS slots was designed for 1.2
I am running a 1.6 forum and still use the myps slots as a feature. It took me approximately 2 minutes to edit it to work. You just have to change the compatibility and remove a few "TABLE_PREFIX" variables in the plugin file.
Being a subscriber, you are free to edit the plugin for your own personal use. if you need any help, please let me know.
So just remove table_prefix?


I tried, i get error still..

Fatal error: Call to undefined function cperror() in /forum/inc/plugins/slots.php
No, don't remove them all...just the ones on the lines with

Any lines with just "$db->query" have to keep the TABLE_PREFIX there.
but remove the ones that on the lines of $db->insert_query

add me on MSN [email protected]

This just doesnt work for me man..
I'm on a friend's computer and don't have msn at the moment.

Open inc/plugins/slots.php in a good code editor.
remove TABLE_PREFIX from lines 42, 55, and 117.
That's it...leave everything else as is.
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