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Full Version: MyBB Central Exclusive 1.4 Plugins working with v1.6
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If you dont get an error message when activating the plugin from the plugins menu then nothing in the plugins php file needs changing.

Only when you get the message "This plugin is not compatible with MyBB Version 1602" is when you need to edit the compatability.

I change the compatability to "1*"
Does MyAwards work with 1.6?
Yes it does
Ah good. Thanks. Smile
So If i do not get an error message what is the problem? CyberTechForums, if I give you my ftp info can you do it for me or walk me through it? I've had one other try and he could not get it to work either.
This is a video tutorial that should help you;

If you are still having problems let me know Smile
Thanks bro saved me alot of time looking.
No problem Smile
is the twiter tab working?
Thanks you
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