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Full Version: MyBB Central Exclusive 1.4 Plugins working with v1.6
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Yes, you can change it to whatever your mybb version is.
I change it to 1* because then it works on 1.4 and 1.6.
Saying that, its bad practive and you should change the compatability to 14*,16*
Updated links of 1.4 plugins that have been updated to 1.6.
Thanks for this info mate.
Great share buddy, great shaRE1
Thank you BleepyEvans very handy thread just installed two more plugins now cheers
Dice roller work with 1.6?
can anyone tell me how to download linkvault plugin
Go here and pay $10, then you can download all the plugins.
This is really useful sir! Your plugins is a big big help for us. Smile
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