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Full Version: MyBB Central Exclusive 1.4 Plugins working with v1.6
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thank you it is vey nice
No, most compatabilies changed. Thanks, I'm going to have to check out MYPS, looks nice.
Thank you for this !
Really nice Smile
thanks a lot man...oyayyayayaaaaaa
Thank you sir this is really very good topic.
thnx for the plugin
Good plugin
Any updates on any of the 1.4 plugins?
Thank you for sharing this kind of post here. Really useful posts. I could collect more information from your post. Thank you
(Jan 25, 2011, 02:19 PM)Oliver Evans Wrote: [ -> ]I thought it would Tongue

Also give me a chance  to try out some plugins Smile

This is my first time here and think that this is a good forum because there some good tips in it and it is also a very active one.
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