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Full Version: backup problem [please help]
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guys i am facing a problem after loading backup my all threads,posts and members are ok but the colours of my theme are lost i;e it appear white so can anyone tell me how to solve it.I have tried changing the theme but same problem is in all the thems.Guys help pleaseSadSad

You would have only backed up your SQL databases and not the images and themes in your server.

Id go to your CPanel and do a full BackUp of your server, this will backup SQL databases and Images etc.
dude i have uploaded the same files to a new cpanel
ahh, so do you still have the images from the previous server?

If not you will need to download MyBB again and reupload all the images and any other themes you may have had.

Creating a SQL backup just backups Threads, Posts, Users and Theme image locations, not the images themselves. A Directory Backup needs to be created to backup all images. Thats why I always do a Full BackUp Smile