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Full Version: Facebook Fanatics
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I'd personally like to welcome everyone to Facebook Fanatics.
This is a place for discussion about that global social network everyone loves...or hates. Discuss what you like or dislike about any features, apps, or issues you find on the network.
Maybe you just need to vent about your biggest Facebook peeve?
Or maybe you found a new game or app and you think everyone should check it out?
You may even use this site as a means to gather items or teammates for your favorite app or game.

We also have a "Likes" page where you can share your own custom quotes and status messages.

Whatever the reason, we are here because we feel facebook is worthy to have another Fan forum.

>>Facebook Fanatics<<
UHSUAH great forum man
alisoncosta is me D:
I like the simplicity of the theme matching facebook colours etc Smile