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Full Version: Hi everyone!
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I'm italian and I don't speak english very well, i'll try to do my best.
However, nice to meet you Big Grin
Your English sounds good although you aren't an English. ; )
Thanks. Maybe it was only a lucky strike Big Grin

Can I ask someone how to download an archive after I've become a paid memeber? When I try I see this error message: "You do not have permission to access this page..."
The file in question is here: Index_Calendar

Thanks in advance
Hey, that's very strange.

I can download it on my phone, but ill try on my PC tomorrow.
Try again till then and if your still having problems might be best to PM Labrocca.

Welcome to the forum
Now I can download it, after many attempts. Thanks for the quick reply!
I am Zeshan from Asia.I am 21 years old currently doing MBA.I am a regular user of the internet.I love watching English movies.I am new to this forum.Forums are a great source for getting information and sharing your ideas with others.
Hi guys, I am Mason from Kansas,new to this awesome forum.I hope to enjoy its great community.
Hi devo if you see this message after paid membership then contact site administrator.