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Full Version: I need two plugins please.
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1. What plugin does HF use to manage their ads?
2. A plugin that will make the forum rules be displayed in every post & when someone is making a post.
Thanks guys.
I could look into number 2.

Number 1, there are two plugins. My Ad Manager which was created by Labrocca and is in the 1.4 section. But there have been problems with a "White Screen" with it. And also the same problem with My Advertisments which I was using until yesterday when the problem occured for that.

By all means try them out but if you get a white screen while replying to a thread then you know what the problem is Big Grin
I did try it but i dont get a white screen.
But what about #2?
Im not sure, still having a look.
OK then tell me when you get something.