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Full Version: ★ Urban Trade - Online Trading Made Easy [Contest With Over $150 Inside!] ★
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Urban Trade is an online marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell on the net with convenience.

Our goal is to make it a convenience and scam-free marketplace. Although making it scam-free isn't that easy, we will do our best to keep con-artists away from our site, and provide our users a safe and convenience place to buy and sell.

You can sell most of the things there, although there is still some exceptions, which can be found on the site rules. Buyers can buy from existing sales thread or request on the Buyer's Section. There is also few other trading sections to suit our traders' need.

Urban Trade is actually invitation only, but in this early stage, i would like to open registration for a limited time only. During this period, we have also an inbound link competition with over $150 in prizes. Check out the thread in the forum for more information about it. Registration will be closed soon, so why don't you join before the door's closed?

What are you waiting for? Join us now at

All feedbacks about our site are welcomed. Any constructive suggestions and feedbacks are appreciated. Thank you.