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[CENTER][Image: genrolskew.png]
[SIZE="5"][/SIZE][/CENTER] is a brand new community which focuses on entertainment, tech, media and gaming. Although we have forums for pretty much everything, all shapes and sizes!

Aside from our vast array of discussion boards, we have a competitive arcade with hundreds of games (more being added every day!) where you can save your high scores, earn achievements, create and participate in tournaments [URL=""](why not take part in the official dolphin olympics league?)[/URL] and challenge your friends.

We've got a team of staff who put their heart and soul into the site (there's still room for some more staff! Wink), now all we need is for a few people like yourselves to come and enjoy it. Make it special.

If you have a facebook account, you can simply log-in straight away by clicking Connect with Facebook, and choosing a username!

[URL=""]Click here to register.[/URL]

See you there! Smile
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