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Full Version: Black Reign - Some help?
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Thanks for the Black Reign theme, it really rocks.

However, im having a bit of trouble getting the buttons and icons to upload into the template.

Ive ftp'd the images to public/forums/images and ive also uploaded the Black Reign xml file and selected Black Reign as my default theme..but the buttons dont show up for some reason (the template itself shows up..just not the buttons). Do you know if im doing something wrong or whether ive overlooked something, perhaps?

Im using Mybb 1.2.3, if that helps?


not to worry, ive sorted it!
=] great to hear that
Sorry for eVo, but it's not an answer... It's a question about this theme (and maybe more...), and I use this topic instead of creating a new one.

This one is very interesting for me. But the problem is that it's only english (and my english is not so good... as my knowledge in softwares is).
Anybody knows if there could be a french version somewhere ?
can we get this Theme ?
?what mean?
download link please for themes.
(Nov 26, 2014, 09:08 AM)rajeevrrs Wrote: [ -> ]download link please for themes.

The theme itself is no longer available for download.
sorry you must search in google