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Full Version: How can i Set my User CP font size..
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Hi Guys..!!!
Can Ant one tell me how can i set my User Cp Font size... i want to small but i dnt know how..!! PLz help me....!!
here iz PIC which You can C..!!

[Image: 6c57550a5a.jpg]

Writing is kinda wierd but hey...
Also I cant see your picture on the college network so ill double check when I get home Smile

Erm well you cannt just directly change the font size in the UserCP. Doing so would change the size throughout your forum for everything.

You could possibly create a new CSS rule just for the usercp. And then edit the UserCP Template adding a class for this rule, but its going into alot of effort for something thats already ok.
Dont suppose you could provde a link to your site please?
My UserCP seems to be much smaller than yours :/ (see attached)

Also is this a theme you have created yourself?