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Full Version: [RELEASE] Hide Section v1.0
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Plugin Name: Hide Section
Plugin Author: BleepyEvans
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 1.0
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Lang Compatible: No
Plugin File Edits: none
Plugin File Uploads: 1
Plugin Description: Hide snippets of HTML code from certain groups on your forum.

  1. Upload contents of the Upload folder to your forum root.
  2. Install & Activate the plugin from the plugins menu in your AdminCP
  3. Apply plugin settings AdminCP > Confiuration > Hide Section


can i have a direct link ... ?
You can get it on CTF. Register and get 50 points though Tongue
The download link needs survey. Sad
Im not doing a survey just so you can Make money off us for downloading something for free... it seems pointless.
Its my plugin so I have full right to make people do a survey or charge however much I want to beable to use the plugin.
I'd appreciate people to complete the surveys so I can continue creating plugins.
Have you even tried the damn survey or download that crap skinz for facebook and NOT even successfully get the file. I tried _BOTH_ and I can't get to it.

Thumbs down for this idiotic idea. Leave that to the spammers and warez morons.

I'd rather pay you directly to gain access than to fill out some crap.

If you're going to release something for free, you should actually release it for free, not CPALead it. You're better off selling the plugin because you're not going to receive any appreciative posts from users due to CPALead.
Getting perfecly enough $ through CPALead.
Also did sell other plugins for a short time and i got more complaints about that than this.
I think it's some what wrong to attempt to make money from us. If everyone does this the Forum will go down the pan.
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