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Full Version: 10 Days Lost
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To briefly explain MyBB Central was on a server that was donated to me. Another person was paying the bill. Apparently after about a year of using this server he's decided to close out his account. I only learned of this yesterday. My latest off-server backup was 10 days ago. I had regular backups on the server itself but they refuse to give me access unless I paid the full past due amount of $1100. That wasn't going to happen.

So unfortunately MyBB Central has once again moved to a new server. It's likely to be temporary as well as I want SF and MyBB Central (same server) on a dedicated. I guess I'll be stepping up my plans to send off a colo server I have sitting next to me. I've had it about 18 months just sitting here. Time to build it and send it off. It's a nice 1u and will run the sites I need on it just fine.

At this time there is no way to recover the lost posts or accounts. If you made an account in the past 10 days you will need to join again. If you had an upgraded account please PM me. I can confirm in records your order.

I will try to make sure this site is 100% operational asap. So please use this thread to report any bugs. I'm sure there will be one or two.

This sucks but it's beyond my control. Sorry everyone.
Well that sucks.

I'm glad its back online though, even if I did lose 50 or so posts. Was getting really bored xD

Nice of whom donated the server to warn you that they weren't renewing it.
Ah so that explains it over at SF! I had just joined over there not too long ago and I went back today and see my account is gone. Oh well.... glad I didn't post the tutorial I had planned then!
At least it back up. Thats all the matters Smile
Hey Labrocca,

crazy4cs here

Brother,the usergroup STAR images is missing,please upload them as well and glad to see that its fixed man!


They're not missing crazy.
Don't forget my subscriber purchase Smile
(Mar 08, 2011, 07:02 PM)Ringmuscle Wrote: [ -> ]Don't forget my subscriber purchase Smile

What subscriber purchase you are talking about dude????
You can subscribe to have the ability to download MyBBCentral exclusive plugins.
Was this situated yet?
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