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Full Version: Looking for a plugin! Help please!
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In many free forums Mybb phpbb if someone quotes a post and replies to it and the next user replies to the above quote the post just goes on and on. The post becomes longer due to the previous quoted replies. Is a there a plugin to avoid this? For example in some paid forum softwares if I quote the person above me and he replies to my post only my post is quoted not the whole thing.
I know its possible because I have seen in a forum(I am not sure if I am allowed to mention it hackforums) I didnt get an answer from the staff still . Does anyone know the name of the plugin or how to do it?
Im pretty sure that you can just delete the whole text - or just the part you want, and delete some of the [USERNAME]
quotes at the top and bottom
Nevermind it's built-in
ACP > Configuration > Posting > Maximum Nested Quote Tags