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Full Version: Hi
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I have a plugin request but I cannot seem to post in the request thread. I have sent a PM to get me back subscribed.

If I post this here could someone move it.

What it is, I am willing to pay $10 if you can create me a plugin. I will pay extra because this would be essential to my site!

This plugin for the xbox-(click here)

I basicaly want this but for the ps3. So i want a trophy card that shows in the users postbit that has there avatar and amount of trophies.

I have seen this on a vbullitin board before and they had to take it off because it stoped working.

If someone could make this it would make my day!

Some one said I could just edit the xbox one's file but I would not have a clue where to start. Once again if you would prefere to do that then I would be very happy.

If anyone can get this to work I will forever be greatful!
Can anybody help with this at all?