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Full Version: An introduction, again..
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Hello dudes!

I've actually already made an introduction in here, but as some of you guys know, the site was down for awhile, and all of the posts and threads from the last 10 days were deleted.
So yea, here I am.

I recently started up a forum using MyBB.
It's called DubTalk, and it's bascially a Dubstep forum.
Other kinds of music, offtopic stuff etc. is discussed too, offcourse.

I'm currently getting a custom theme designed for the site, and now I've just bought 'subscriber' here at this site.
Reason: Jesse makes awesome plugins.
Hats off Rolleyes

I know the site isn't much yet, but feel free to comment on the section layout etc.

That was something about me.
Have a nice day.

Regards, lolzor60.