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What is COD Nerd?

The COD Nerd Network is a community built and run by fanatics of the ever-growing Call of Duty series. We aim to be one of the biggest and quickest growing Call of Duty fan websites out there. But obviously, we can't do all of that without your help!

We want to be able to teach new members the tricks of the trade. We believe in equality, so it doesn't matter to us if you've been playing for 3 years, or 3 days! All we care about is your love of the game. That's what makes the difference, as long as you're a Call of Duty fanatic, welcome to the community!

The COD Nerd team consists of a few hard working and dedicated people who put their own personal time and money in to this project, and who have made it what this site is today. To see the staff team, visit this link. To apply for staff, check out the links below the Contact menu.

We have a competition!

What's the aim?
The aim of the new contest is simple. All users are automatically entered in this competition. The competition type is what is known as a "Posting Contest". The user who collects a total of 500 points (500pts) will win the competition. You can check the leaderboard from this link here. This will determine the richest users and therefore who is coming first in the competition. How do I get points? Read the information provided on this page, it will show you how to get points and in what quantities you get them. Staff can NOT enter this competition.

How come he's getting more points than me?
Yep, you may haven noticed some members gaining more points quicker than you. This is most likely due to the member being a Pack-A-Punched account member! Pack-A-Punch'd Accounts (COD Nerd Supporters) gain points 2x quicker than normal members. So being an upgraded member gives you a 50% better chance to win the competition! So what are you waiting for? Upgrade now!

What are the prizes?
There are many great prizes that come with this competition. Here's the list:
  • First Place: - Free Pack-A-Punch'd Account + $25 Gift Voucher (For a Map Pack) + First Place Award ([Image: coin-gold_24.png])
  • Second Place: - Free Pack-A-Punch'd Account + Second Place Award ([Image: coin-silver_24.png])
  • Third Place: - Third Place Award ([Image: coin-copper_24.png])

When does the Competition Close?
There is currently no set closing time for the competition, this means it will continue to go on until the winner has reached the goal (500pts). Please note that only high quality posts and non-spam will be counted in this competition. Spamming and posting low quality posts will get you disqualified.

We hope to see you there!
:heart: - Jordan
Great theme!

Love the forum, just seems like theres alot of catergories.

I dont think it will be long until you get an active forum

Good Luck Smile
Thank you very much! Smile
It looks good but the theme is WAY to dark..
What settings is you screen brightness on? I can see everything perfectly fine...
Its a Beautiful and good . But i think there need a change in its background theme that must have bright color . It will attract more and more . Moreover , you r doing wonderful job too .
(Mar 05, 2011, 09:11 PM)ihcjason Wrote: [ -> ]It looks good but the theme is WAY to dark..

Same here. I have a 1000:1 contrast ratio(average and common).
Aside from my monitor's contrast, the site's contrast is low.

Do not want...
Wow that is a good theme, great job and good luck!