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Full Version: MyAwards problem.
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So I just installed MyAwards.
I did CHMOD, used the troubleshooting guide, and tryed to change the compatibility to 16.

However, each time I try to upload an image, it gives me an error saying: "There was an unknown error uploading your image".

I'm using the 1.6 software of MyBB.

Looking forward to your help.
Although you shouldn't have this problem, make sure you have full admin permissions from the users and groups menu.

Make sure manage Awards is checked to yes.
I got full admin permission.
'Manage Awards' is checked to yes.
When do you get the error. When you upload the image or when you try access the menu
upload awards folder in ./uploads/ and change permissions to 777
I believe he did say he had CHMOD setup correctly Smile
Hey there,

we know each other from HF,if you want just PM me with the details,I might try troubleshooting it for you in my spare time