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Full Version: Pretty ticked off. Need HELP
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So I bought a subscription thinking I'd easily get to use some plugins and a few themes. I get on here and I see almost every other thread talking about dont buy a subscription and "it's not worth it." I really wanted tabbed menus and MyAwards, I can get neither to work. To my knowledge I followed step by step instructions from multiple guides on how to make it work and then how to make it work for 1.6 supposedly. I'm building up anger inside realizing that I'm going to switch Forum software If I cannot get these plugins because that's what made me want to spend ten dollars on this just for a few plugins and then to no avail they dont work for the 1.6 software I have.

So I am still keeping mini-mule hope. If anyone could help me, walk me through how to make it work with 1.6 than I'd be very greatfull!
Both Tabbed Menu & Awards Plugins work on v1.6

If your problem is compatabiliy then you need to open up the plugin file in a program like notepad++ and change the compatability from "14*" to "1*".

If youve already done that and its still not working then take look at this guide but it will help you alot with the tabbed menu.

If you are still having problems let me know.
So when I upload via filezilla I just add everything to the main directory which means I throw it in where my forums are. I don't have to add anything specific to any specific folder?

Edit: Still not working. The capatibility was a wild card set at "*" I changed to "1*", "14*" and without the "*" nothing worked. In the readme file it says check the index source code for something to do with css. Can't find that although I still doubt thats the reason.
PM me your MSN and ill sort with you there.
sent you it
Added talk to you there

its not like you gotta install/upload everythings in root directory. (LOL!)

For example,if you find some folder:


in the plugin folder by Labrocca,upload it to the proper directory.

So you gotta upload that file to
root(forums directory)/inc/plugin/

I just finished up installing 1.6x and it works fine with me and all without any edits in 1.6,if you need any help,feel free to throw me your MSN via PM and I would get those work for ya.
Yep, you will find most plugins are already set out with a Upload Folder, which you basically just need to open up and drag all the files and folders into the root of your forum.