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Full Version: Adding cat. to the tab
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I have categories for my first tab but my second tab is not working, it's black and is not directed any where when i click it. How do I add stuff to each category?
You add catergories to each tab using the Tab Menu menu in the Forums and Posts tab.
If you add the tabs and they are still not working then please refer to this thread;


I added catagorys to the right tabs but they are just created in the general tab and the other 2 tabs do not work. The problem sounds like the two question and solutions I C&P below but I've checked both and they are fine.

Question : First tab is working but the other ones are not?!
Solution : You forgot to add </div> at the end in forumbit_depth1_cat, or you did not follow all the troubleshooting steps. [If nothing else helps, follow the steps below]

Question : When I click on a tab, nothing happens, the url only changes to index.php#?
Solution : Go to "headerinclude" ~ It can be found in Ungrouped Templates.
Ok, send me ur msn via PM.

That is of you struggle with template edits
You can send me a PM here for MSN or if you trust me you can PM me the login details of your ACP,you can give admin perms to other user so I can meanwhile troubleshoot it!
Sorry but that wont be possible, my templates will be differnet to yours anyway.

My MSN is: [email protected]
I have problems recieving invites so please can you send me yours too
I sent you an e-mail.