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Full Version: i nead some help to change colors
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i nead to change
this colors
can any one can help me[Image: helpme.png]
I don't get anything from image,instead you pointed things to the text that you wrote,not your question.

Which colors? Tabs? or that normal white text color?
He wants to change the colour of thread, tcat, trow and tborder. I spent 2 hours last night trying to help him but he kept changing his on what he wanted so I just gave up.
I usually get fed up with things like this after I've had my all day long spending in labs,writing and completing assignments,so I too leave if someone doesn't cop-up easily lol.
I didnt mind doing it when I started at around 8, but when it hit 10:30 I was, and we still havent made our mind up what colours we want?