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  • This is RatsCrew(Admin) Of EF., i am Proud to be admin of this W3b Site.

    I think This Site is also will Help to Students .,For Learn More

We Offers to New-Users
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Our Site Needs

  1. TV, Movies & Music -Moderator( Reviewer)
  2. W3b Master
  3. C,C++,C#,Java Cod3r
  4. HTML,PHP,XML,etc Moderator
  5. Computing(Hardware & Software)Supporter.
  6. GFX Master Required.
  7. Online School Moderator
  8. Gaming Section Moderator.

Please Give Me your Comment on my Website
May-Be Your a Moderator Of EF
Thank you Friends

I see you stuck with the standard theme pritty much.

Id look into changing the tab colours and applying some new CSS.

Also in your welcome message use Captial Letters.
nice site very cool good work keep it up Smile
I Love it, where did you get teh theme, and is it down?
Theme is a RuneGear copy, also used on Market Forums.

Very simple to re-create
I know..... I want it
I think you have to purchase it from RuneGear.
My Site is Re-open friends., please join in my forums and Develop my forums thank you
(Apr 08, 2011, 08:33 AM)BleepyEvans Wrote: [ -> ]Theme is a RuneGear copy, also used on Market Forums.

Very simple to re-create

Don't think badly about me ., i am payed $30 to rune gear before for my back theme, now i am using Green Theme , this is completely created by me (admin of<Mentor>) ok.

plz don't think badly about Me okay