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Full Version: Win a free Blackberry!
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A new forum has launched, with a very nice administrator that offers a free and new, straight from the shop Blackberry to the one that is nice, and is in general, a high quality member.

It is a very nice forum, so take a look!

How do i win?
1. Visit here and take a look around the forum, visit a few threads and see if there is anything that catches your eye.
2. Register by clicking here.
3. Create an introductory thread here and meet and greet the rest of the forum members, you never know you could make some new friends.
4. Be a nice member of the community, make some high quality threads and post, and who knows, you might win!

Proof of the Blackberry.
If this is for real then good effort. Nothing like giving up a mobile for your forum
I think the win a free blackberry is a scam