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Full Version: Were are you Hosted?
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Post were your forum is hosted so other members know what type of hosting companys are out there.

I am currenly hosted at sharkspace. Top Quality Hosting Smile
000webhost.. I know it's free and slow
@Devills, theres lots of other good free stuff out there,
Offshore is good too ;D
Go Daddy currently. I will be moving over to dedicated server located in St. Louis.
I have Offshore which is good for me . I will like to continue to have it . I also say that it is good in speed .
I'm on iHostPro, here's where I got it from.
I host with my own hosting reseller business with 5 other I.T Technical / Web Developers

I run many of my own MyBB Sites.

Free hosting isn’t always best for forums as one day its online the next day it inst and your then looking for another free solution.

Free hosting is however good if your just want to setup a site for Google Adsense Revenue but then again just 2 clicks on your site and your hosting is usually paid for in that month.

Check us out for as little as £1.49 a month

I found that 000webhost is shocking, 1 minute the servers are fine the next its too busy.
Im so glad I went straight to paid hosting instead of messing around with free s**t

The type of hosting really depends on what your forum is about. If you plan to do things that are against the law or against standard hosting rules then offshore is for you. But if your creating a trutfull forum about ... fish, then standard hosting will be alot less hazzle and most likely cheaper.
I host all my sites at
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