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Full Version: Theme Problem
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Hello, I'm having some issues with the theme I'm using when a thread is stickied. If no threads are stickied, it normally displays the theme. If a thread is stickied then the border around the stickied threads and normal threads becomes purple.

Theme I'm using:

Might someone have a solution for my problem?

Threads not stickied:
[Image: imZnPG.png]

Stickied Thread:
[Image: imZpXO.png]
Firstly, this is a simple fix but i need the link to your forum please.

(Apr 04, 2011, 02:15 AM)CyberTechForums Wrote: [ -> ]Firstly, this is a simple fix but i need the link to your forum please.
I found out this is the way the theme is supposed to look, but how can I make the purple border smaller?
Firstly can I suggest you dont block out your forum to guests.

Secondly can you make a important thread as I cant work do anything until I see the purple.
There's a normal thread and a sticky thread in that section so you can see the results.
The the theme settings, from the drop down find ".trow_sep"

Change the following:

Border-width: 1px 1px 8px;

Border-width: 1px:
(or what you want)

Border-color: #A467B9;

Border-color: #<colour of your choice>;

This will make the purple border 1px right the way around, and to a color of your choice.

To get rid of the border completely, just delete all border associations.