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Full Version: Roll Dice WORKS in 1.6 - and question
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the Roll Dice plugin works perfect for 1.6, with no modifications at all.

However, since the old threads are closed and Labrocca doesn't modify or support the plugins, I am posting this to the user base here in an effort to figure out how to do a little tweak.

I am trying to figure out how to get the Roll Dice checkbox to show up in the Quick Reply box.

In his initial post, he adds the <!--rolldice--> comment into the showthread_quickreply template, but it doesn't do anything but add in the comment. not being a programmer, I figured that it would work to put the actual call in there {$rolldice} instead of the comment, but that didn't work either.


thanks Smile
A followup:

I'm pretty sure the problem is here. Either str_replace isn't working due to php version difference, or the permission checking is faulty.

PHP Code:
function quickroll()

$gcanroll explode(",",$mybb->settings['dicegroup']);
$fcanroll explode(",",$mybb->settings['diceforum']);

$mybb->settings['diceonoff'] || !in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'],$gcanroll)){ return;}    
$mybb->settings['diceforum'] != "0" && !in_array($fid,$fcanroll)) { return;}
$diceoption'<br /><label><input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="rolldice" value="1" />&nbsp;<strong>Roll Dice</strong></label>';
$showthread str_replace("<!--rolldice-->"$diceoption$showthread);


Has this resolved your problem?
It's a bit more complicated than that. Look into the quick reply form templates.

I would like to add this to quick reply.

Can someone explain how?