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Full Version: yet another mybb forum
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Hi guys,
One of my friends named "MAHIGRAFIX",bought a domain an year ago called
MYBBSTAR and its in ruins till date,when he said to me,i just asked him that i will try to run it.

So with his help,me and Mr.Tomoyo okazaki are now starting a new site called "".

click here: MYBBSTAR

We have a big community for all our needs the main
what we do is give our constant support to,on the other hand develop new themes and plugins,to release to the public.

We are new and fresh,along with my co-admin TOMOYO ,who is good at mybb coding,we will now try to help the friends of mybb.

we also want to make a special section for the third party integration plugins like jfusion and word bb and ccforum,which are powerful and we aim for their development.

Well we need some quality pluginers and themers,so we can lift mybb to the highest position,in par to the paid softwares.

All are welcome to our site,and as usual what we say is "mybb is the best".

Thank you.

Envira (mybbstar).

The theme looks "Mushed"
Thats just me though.