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Site Name: AdminMB - Webmaster & Administration Community
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Description: AdminMB is a short name for Administrator Message Board, We are a Webmaster & Administration forum for you webmasters out there, I have just added an Advertisement board which will help you advertise and drive traffic towards your community website or forums. These plenty of more and fresh boards to be added once them boards that are displayed now are full.

If you have any spare time why not take your time and come and check us out, We are welcoming any visitor or member that visits the forum.

Your Name on the Board: Ashley
Theme looks great. I love how you've mixed the mybb homepage with their standard theme.

Once thing you might want to change though, the NavBar is kinda LQ. The Home and Memberlist is higher than the other 2 links. And it would also be cool if there was a seperator of some sort.