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Full Version: Ordered Subscriber :)
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Hello guys, just letting you all know due to mass referrals to upgrade i have purchased VIP (24 hours ago).

Can't wait to receive it so i can start using these amazing plugins on my site.

Welcome,I am sure you will be activated today (at least around 12 hours from my time of posting this reply.)
Hey. i buy vip yesterday soo..labrocca activate you soon.. See your email!
Got it, so glad i can use the plugins now.

I bought Subscriber the other cant wait for it to be activated Smile
I bought it yesterday. The plugins are beast. Just waiting for it to be added now. ;p
You are all suscribers now, Congrats.
Awesome.. Big Grin
worth every penny Smile
Man, i cannot wait to be activated! I've heard good reviews about this site.
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