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Full Version: Tabbed menu not working, help needed urgently.
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hi all,

I am facing a problem implementing tabbed menu plugin.
i can see tabs but they do not work. When i clik on tabs, nothing happens.

Please help me implementing to the my site. I will give my FTP details and also admin panel details to the user who can help me.

Please reply here who really wants to help me. I will pm then to the user for credentials. Thanks
Please read thread in my signiture.

If your still having troubles, PM me your MSN.

1. You are not a subscriber here, how you got access to Labrocca's plugins?

2. I feel some piracy here.
Haha I love how often I dont realise that they havent suscribed, its such an obvious choice to make.

If you are using Labroccas plugin, please let us know Wink
If not then unfortunatly I cannot give support, as it will not be the plugin I use.
i am having the same problem
I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!