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Hi there,

I was told that this plugin works on 1.6 as well, but I have not managed (I have tried to change 14*, but no joy). Was I given incorrect information?

Any advice would be appreciated.
This plugin does work with 1.6. Try changing the compatibility to 1* in the plugin file if you haven't. That fixes issues when trying to activate the plugin.
Hi there,

I have changed it to 16* and 1*, but no joySad
I don't see it at all in the admin CP.

I am talking about this line:
"compatibility" => "1*"
Do not change it to 1* but only, *
unfortunately no joySad
still same?

If you didn't saw it in ACP, then you make sure that you did uploaded all the files correctly at proper places.
I have just had an epiphanySmile
It works now... The problem is that I changed the name of the plugin when I made the edit. I have now left the name as it is and it works (well, it appears on the ACP).

I'll have a play with it later on.

Ok, I am obviously dense...
I have this script (which used to work...)

PHP Code:
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client "XXX";
/* Forum */
google_ad_slot "XXX";
google_ad_width 728;
google_ad_height 90;
<script type="text/javascript"
The parts marked with XXX have been hidden by me.
the question is, is there any editing I need to do? I have plugged the above in the "inline ad" box, but nothing has happened.
In particular, I wonder if I need to change the
PHP Code:
/* Forum */ 
bit, but it looks like a comment to me (not that I would know...).

Oh, yes, I have enabled the inline adsSmile

So everything solved?
Hem, no... the plugin has been activated, but I see nothing in my forumSadSad

Must be missing something (probably stupid)
Okay, make sure, the code:


is added in your theme templates in Postbit templates > Postbit at the very end and then give the output here.
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