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Full Version: [Help] Tabbed Menu in 1.6.3
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I installed the Plugin Tabbed Menu one month ago.
I was in 1.6.2 and all was working but now, I make the update for 1.6.3 and all is wrong.
Tabbed Menu's Administration is like before, but when I do one entry, I don't works !
Just one screen for you, if someone know how can I do for it works...

Sorry for the bad English.. Sad I'M FRENCH ! :lol:

[Image: mini_433421Capturedcran20110419021234.png]

Do someone know how can I do to resolve it ?

Thanks Smile
I know how to fix this, but no support will be given as you are not a subscriber here. I guess you leeched this plugin or got somewhere from leeching.
I lost my account... I buy it one year ago.

Edit : Thanks for the help -_-" I found where was the problem.