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Full Version: how????
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how is everyone getting the skin like hackforums

anyone, please tell me if you know....
Search in MyBB 1.4 themes or 1.6 themes for L33T green.. Omni made it.
that isnt leet green
The theme is called Black Reign.
But it's removed now..
but marketforums was just opend a month ago and now all these sites have it
its not HF's theme there, I guess.

I can design the theme you want, I am launching my MyBB theme site soon.
First all of, that theme is called BlackRG 1.0. It's the first theme I ever designed. You say everyone is getting it, please tell me who has it. They're not allowed to have it.

Crazy4cs, if you're going to open a MyBB theme site, try not to copy my themes. Thank you.
(Apr 23, 2011, 06:20 PM)Cyber geek Wrote: [ -> ]The theme is called Black Reign.
But it's removed now..

Similarity to Elite v2
I wouldnt say it resembled V2 at all. Its very simple tomake, uses similar CSS codes to the HF theme, but images are differnet.

I made it just to see how I could manipulate it, but you wont beable to use it or publish it as a theme on your forum as its "not allowed".

Either way, just make a similar theme, its not too hard.